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What would you have? You guessed it! The boring stuff comes first …. In a nutshell, what happened?

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A Fight Club, in simple terms, is an ability group of men—a place where friendship and encouragement is met with regular ability that helps us stay focused on our goals and avoid the pitfalls that can easily sink our hopes. At its heart is not a Bible Study or discipleship group although you will most likely talk about the Scripture oftenbut it is a group of men who share a similar season of life and meet consistently to help each other win the fight.

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We want to be men who contend for what matters most. Scripture teaches that we have a spiritual Enemy who is warring against us in each of these areas, and we are confident that a Fight Club is our best defense in the battle.

Choose your guys.

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We will send encouragement to all the guys in your club via. This will be our opportunity to see how God is at work among us and to be encouraged and re-energized as we contend for what matter most.

What is a fight club?

Unknowingly, we had spent the last 2 hours walking in small circles. In the days where I felt the most unimportant, God taught me the importance of His Word. It's not meant to be extraordinary or exemplary. It's what we're born to do.

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Fighting for Joy Louie Giglio Passion City Church Global. Fight Club.

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What is a Fight Club? Register your Fight Club. Our Mission. We want to fight for our heart and character.

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We want to fight for our family and future family. We want to fight for our brother. How do I start a Fight Club? Have you intentionally pursued your relationship with God since we last met? Have you made a priority to love and lead your family well since we last met?

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Have you looked at anything or been involved with anyone in a way that would compromise your purity since we last met? Have you been honorable and lived with a sense of mission, leveraging your life for others since we last met? Have you been completely honest about the above questions? Register your group below.

Get Fight Club content in your inbox Next Steps We will send encouragement to all the guys in your club via. up.

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Fighting Together.